Recently Sold Equipment:

ProAm Controller- PA912- SOLD
Vision 2448 Engraver, Controller and EngraveLab Software - SOLD
Meistergram 2818 Engraver - SOLD
Champion 1912 Engraver and Controller - SOLD
1624 with New Q3D RetroFit Controller - SOLD

2412 with Q3X Retrofit Controller and EngraveLab Software -SOLD
InterLab 2412 Servo Gantry Style - SOLD
Vision Series 2 Controller - 90 Volt Speed Control SOLD
Champion 1912 Engraver and Controller SOLD
1212 with Vision Q1E Retrofit Controller
Xenetech APU - Complete setup from keyboard to stepper motors.-SOLD
H-Square/ Champion 1912 Engraver, Controller and Software - SOLD
Meistergram 2818S - SOLD
Champion 2818 - SOLD
H-Square 1518 Engraver, Controller and Software -SOLD
Champion 1912 - SOLD
Champion 1912 -SOLD
Beveler KB-150 - SOLD
Vision 1612 Series 1 Controller SOLD
Meistergram 912S SOLD
Champion 1912  SOLD

Champion 2818 Engraver SOLD
Meistergram 2412 Engraving Table with Digital Controller
Champion 1912 Engraver and Controller Sold
Meistergram 2412 Servo Engraver and Controller (See Pictures Here) SOLD
Meistergram 2412 Engraving Table (Choice of Mercury Controller or Q3XE Controller) SOLD

Vision 1212 Engraver with Dos Controller and Interface Card (See Pictures Here) SOLD
Champion PC912 Engraver, Controller and Computer (See Pictures Here) SOLD
Champion 1912 Engraving Machine and Controller  (See Pictures Here) SOLD
NHI 1912 Controller (New Hermes) Working controller and Display with 30 font cartridges including 2 job save. SOLD

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