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  Whether you are in the graphics / signage, trophy and awards, or industrial engraving markets, EngraveLab has all the tools to efficiently and effectively produce text to meet your customers demands. EngraveLab's text handling capabilities are second to none.

1100 Fonts & 5000+ Clipart Images

Includes a large font and clipart library that has been meticulously designed with great accuracy so that they are engrave or cut ready. It will also support Windows true type fonts, Adobe™ fonts and Corel WFN fonts.

Meistergram/H-Square users can now use the D1.4 fonts and logos!

100+ Engraving Fonts

Improve output efficiency using our single and multi-line engraving fonts.

Badges & Serialization

Use the Badges feature to create single or multiple plates per sheet. Text substitution and serialization have never been this easy. Create one template and let the Badges feature substitute the selected text. Foreign language text substitution is effortless using Windows XP and Unicode text support.


The ability to numerically and alphabetically serialize each item or badge automatically. Parts marking has never been easier with our powerful serialization routine.

WSYWIG Text Compose

With EngraveLab, type text in on screen displaying all the selected text properties (font, style, height, kerning, etc...). Choose from over 100+ engraving fonts. Easily fit text to an arc or a path.

Braille Translator

Convert text into Grade 2 Braille with a single click of the mouse! Easily badge Braille text. For supported drivers, the Braille Drill tool can automatically locate individual dots and drill a point to a pre-determined depth. Creating Braille signage has never been easier.



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