January 2017.
It has finally come to the time where I am discontinuing support of the D1.4 (egmenu.exe) engraving software and it's supporting programs such as QEG and XyberCad (Logo creation utility).
The last release was Ver. D1.4v4a,  April '93.
Even with the final release it was quickly becoming outdated even for it's time.
Windows98 was the last release of Windows that it would operate properly.
Now 24 years later it is time to say good bye.

How does this effect your engraver?
With almost all engravers with the exception of the ProAM 912 there are no hardware or controller changes necessary.
EngraveLab will run your existing machines on a modern Windows computer as long as a "True" Serial Port is installed.
USB to Serial converters will not work!
In the majority of cases the EngraveLab Expert package is the most appropriate package. Braille support is included.
You will also be able to use your existing D1.4 Fonts and Logos. Including custom logos from 3rd parties. This will allow you to accurately re-create your layouts.

When you purchase EngraveLab from Computerized Engraving Services remote setup of the software is included. (Internet connection Required)
This insures that the software is configured properly for your specific engraving machine.
Feel free to contact me regarding upgrade requirements or to purchase EngraveLab. Contact.

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